Warm up for tomorrow’s festival

3 apr

I got a call from my dad today. He was coming in earlier than expected to Stockholm. So I, my dad and Alfie the pop-up-man meet at Monks Café on Sveavägen after work. We ordered in a bottle of Maredous 10 and shared it.

I can’t believe they let these kind of ”people” into pubs in Stockholm 😉

Maredsous 10, 75 cl, 10% (Triple)
Appearance: Hazy golden colour, medium foam which left a nice lacing.

Smell: The smell seemed very promising with hints of dried fruit, nuts and ham. To be more precise a kind of Spanish dried pork where the pigs have been feed on chestnuts. Very appealing smell indeed and it leaned towards wine so I was intrigued.

Taste: The taste was a bit disappointing after having smelled it. The alcohol took over most of the taste and I had a hard time tasting the sweet and dried fruits. It did made my mouth tingle which I found odd, almost like when you eat a kiwi.

Total: 3,9/5
Maredsous 6: 3,7/5
Maredsous 8: 3,4/5

We also tried an Argentinean beer mostly on chance. I can’t find it at Ratebeer but the comments seems to indicate that it’s Araucana Rojiza Fuerte but at Monks it was named:

Araucana Doppio Malto, 50 cl, 9,2% (Double bock?)

Appearance: Hazy copper with no foam.

Smell: Had a sweet smell with some hints of dried fruit.

Taste: Similarities to wine, weak taste compared to the smell just as with the nr 10 above. Also had hints of dried fruit and strong alcohol with a bite to it.

Overall: 3,4/5


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