Swedish micro – What do they brew? – Part 3

3 mar

Yesterday I presented some statistics on how many breweries that brew each style of beer. As you could see there where no styles that all the breweries brewed. Which can be explained by some breweries brewing significantly less different types of beers then others. So I have made a list of the breweries and how many different kinds of beer they brew:

Most different beer per brewery
Brewery Quantity % of total
Monks Café 67 10,75%
Slottskällans 53 8,51%
Nynäs 44 7,06%
Dugges 43 6,90%
Ölands 40 6,42%
Sigtuna 39 6,26%
Närke 38 6,10%
Nils Oscar 31 4,98%
Ocean 24 3,85%
Oppigårds 23 3,69%
Pannrummet kök och bar 23 3,69%
Jämtland 21 3,37%
Grebbestads 20 3,21%
Irish Pub Sundsvall 20 3,21%
Eskilstuna Ölkultur 19 3,05%
Två Bryggare 17 2,73%
Ahlafors 15 2,41%
Skebo 15 2,41%
Bredaryd 14 2,25%
Helsinge 13 2,09%
Hantverksbryggeriet 11 1,77%
Strömsholm 9 1,44%
Mora 8 1,28%
Sandbacka 7 1,12%
Kinnekulle 4 0,64%
Qvänum 4 0,64%
Stockeboda 1 0,16%

I have shortened the names down a bit but I guess you all know which brewery is which. Monk’s brews allot of different beers which might have something to do with their small brewery and lust to experiment. As far as I know they don’t re-brew many of their beers either. I know that some of these breweries have more beers in their portfolio. But I have only included those that where registered at Ratebeer. Stockeboda for instance has more then 1 beer I have tried 2 myself. But they are new and I have a feeling the number will increase fairly fast.

Monk’s Café brews allot of different beers but as I pointed out before they also brew several of the same beers and it seems to be a trend amongst the breweries to stick to their style of beers. But lets see how many different styles of beers each brewery actually brew.

Nr. Of different styles per brewery
Nynäs 25
Monks Café 24
Slottskällans 24
Nils Oscar 21
Sigtuna 21
Pannrummet kök och bar 18
Dugges 17
Ocean 15
Eskilstuna Ölkultur 14
Jämtland 14
Närke 14
Ölands 13
Ahlafors 12
Bredaryd 12
Oppigårds 12
Grebbestads 10
Hantverksbryggeriet 10
Irish Pub Sundsvall 10
Helsinge 9
Två Bryggare 9
Sandbacka 7
Skebo 7
Mora 6
Strömsholm 6
Qvänum 4
Kinnekulle 3
Stockeboda 1

This way of calculating it we see that Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri has the biggest diversity of beers in their portfolio. Actually the top part of this table looks very different from the top part of the table I posted just above it. However when we look at the bottom part of the tables they look fairly similar.

This is as much statistics I can present at the moment. I have an excel file of data if anybody wants a closer look at it.

While presenting these tables I’ve gotten curious. Why do they look this way? Why are certain styles more popular then others? To try and get some answers I will send e-mails to all the micro breweries to see if I can find anything interesting.

While waiting I will start working on a closer look at the big Swedish macro breweries. Do they only brew pale lagers? Well we will soon find out.


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