Preparin’ for a spankin’

10 mar

On saturday me, my father and Per will meet up to brew Spanked Virgin Wheat 2 (SWV2). We intend to participate in the Swedish Championship with this beer along with Death By Hops. In the original version of SVW I aimed to make a hefe-weizen with some fruity hoppy notes to make a fresh summer beer to enjoy in the sun. I took inspiration from Weihenstephaner and Franzizkaner clone recipes and created something of my own. Using hops from the US and New Zealand to get the fruity hoppy character and using a double decoction mash.  You can read the recipe here, brewing here and review here

As you can see from the review I wasn’t quite satisfied with the beer and I got some ideas on how to improve it. To begin at the start of the brew we will try to switch from the double decoction mash to a normal mash. I got a feeling it doesn’t contribute much to the beer and it was very time consuming with our brewery.

Another issue I had with the beer is the colour, it looked a bit too bland and yellow. In an attempt to fix this we will add some melanoid malt to give it a slight reddish tint. Hopefully this will give the beer a bit more colour and increase it’s appeal.

I liked the smell of the latest version, possibly it could have used some more hop aroma, the yeast was quite powerful. This will probably get fixed as a side product to the biggest issue I had with the original version of SVW, which was the lack of hop aroma in the taste. We have decided to completely skip the European and New Zealand hops and only use two types of American hops: Citra and Amarillo. We will try to use very little hops at the start of the boil to keep the IBU down and then increase it the longer it boils. Hopefully this will give a fruity hoppy aroma that will mix well with the foam banana character of the yeast.

Now that you have read this you probably wonder what the name is all about? Well the Spanked is because we spanked the brew with some hops, the virgin is because SVW1 was the first recipe I made. Now let’s finish this with another spanka-licious picture.

6 thoughts on “Preparin’ for a spankin’

  1. I look forward to trying a bottle or two of this and dbh4. Unforunately my brewing-session has been delayed untill after sm but atleast i’m doing 2 brews the very same day then. Weizenbock and Impy stout. I’ll be in touch when i have bottles to trade 🙂

  2. Sounds awsome. I will try to bring some DBH4 to Stockholm after this weekend. Not sure if it’s completely done yet, I will give it a try tonight.

  3. Hi!

    Nice blog!

    Our first attempt with homebrewing was a hoped up version of a Wheat beer. It is now in bottles ready for waiting a couple of weeks for carbonation.
    We will try to get up to the championship in May. Hopefully we will get a sip then. Would be fun to taste a similar beer made by someone that’s been homebrewing for a little longer.

    Best regards


  4. Hey Tobias,

    Nice, I would love to try your beer. Hopefully we will meet at the SC.

    I will add your blog to the blogroll.

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