Happy Easter!

10 Apr
I wanna wish you all a happy Easter. I’m going “home” to Frövi in a few hours and got allot of fun things planned. First of all we are gonna brew our first beer today. We also plan to test...
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Why Beer? Part 3

30 Mar
When I turned 25 and my dad turned 50 we had a big party (lots of pics and stuff in that link) together with a Viking theme. We served our own brewed mead and “Viking” spiced booze, dressed out and...
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Kriek and dessert

28 Mar
I read a comment somewhere that kriek and vanilla ice cream go great together. So yesterday I tried it out and while I was at it I figured I could try some other desserts. Timmermans Kriek (4,5%)Appearance: Clear red colour...
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