Local beer swap

8 Mar

I’m writing this in English since I’ll be posting it on Ratebeer. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on the Ratebeer forums about a local beer swap. Basicly you send local beers to another participant and you in turn get something from someone else. I was going to send beers to a guy in Germany and recieve beers from Holland. The guy in Germany said he liked dark and hoppy beers so I sent these beers to him:

Local beer swap 1

Local beer swap 2 Local beer swap 3

 My goal was to find as many high rated beers as possible. HöganäsAfrican Pale Ale won best ale at Örebro Beer & Whisky in November so I figured that would be fun to try (also made with south african hops). Rådanäs has been awarded best new brewery of 2014 so they where definitely on my list. Närke is my local brewery so had to get something from them, luckily they had just started selling bottles at the brewery. Mjödhamnen is located close to my hometown and where I grew up so wanted something from them. The Transatlantic was a chance beer as it’s not the kind of beer he listed, but I figured it is an interesting collab and it was just released. For the rest I just tried to find some nice beers that was available at that time.

Now over to the package I recieved. Maakun (real name Maarten) on Ratebeer  sent me a big box of well packaged beers from Holland. I told him I like pretty much everything besides industrial lagers. So he sent me these beers:

Local beer swap 4

Local beer swap 5

I’m very happy with the trade, got some very interesting beers. Thanks Maarten for the beers!

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