Fräcka Halvpannan

18 apr

Yesterday me and Karin went to Fräcka Halvpannan, a small pub/restaurant in southern Stockholm. I’m not sure how to translate the name but here is an attempt: Insolent Half-pan. I found out about this place through the Swedish Beer Consumers Association. After reading through their menu online I decided to pay them a visit. It was mostly the wide and cheap beer list that got my interest.

The first thing I did was to order a beer, but as it turned out they where all out of my first choice. But the waiter had brought a bottle of Dieu Du Ciel Corne du Diable, which just happened to be my second choice. Quite impressive to nail what my second choice would be. Corne du Diable was a hopped up IPA with lots of grapefruit and a high bitterness. Very nice and I gave it a 4/5.

The olives we got with the beer was very juicy and salty. Marinating in lots of oil and herbs. Before dinner arrived I went ahead and ordered a can of Oskar Blues Gordon Ale. Which is a mix between a Double IPA and an Imperial Amber Ale. Not surprisingly lots of hops but also a fairly high sweetness. I prefer my DIPAs a little bit less sweet but this was a nice beer. Definitely the best DIPA/IAA I’ve had from a can, but then again this is the only one I’ve tried. I would give it a 3,9/5.

Both me and Karin went for the beef tenderloin with potato cake and mushroom sauce. Both of us got just the right degree on the meat. I went for medium-rare and it was perfect, just they way I like it.

To finish off I ordered a bottle of Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale. It poured a very thick and hazy dark dirty amber liquid with lots of stuff floating around in it. A very strong (9,8%) ale with a heavy sweetness and intense flavour of caramel, malt, leather, dried fruit, yeast and hops. I’m giving it a 3,8/5. I had to drink this fairly slowly and about halfway through my desert arrived.

I went for the white chocolate mousse, which looked very small at first. But it was rich and creamy with lots of flavour. Felt like just the right amount at the time.

Karin decided to try their chocolate cake which was a bit dry but very rich. I prefer my chocolate cakes allot more sticky and juicy.

All in all this was a great visit, great service, great beer, great food and all at a very reasonable price. Compared to similar pubs they are on the low end of the price scale. Something worth noting is that the beer and food menu is out of date on their site. But if you read them you will get the general idea of what they have on offer.

5 thoughts on “Fräcka Halvpannan

  1. Oj, såg ut som exakt samma beställning förutom mat och Dieu Du Ciel Corne du Diable som vi körde med igår på samma ställe! Jag, Johan och Jonas alltså med 2 brudar

  2. JoeG: Jaha ni skulle dit också, trodde Johan menade Bishops Arms. Vad tyckte ni?

    Gyllen: Dom flesta ligger runt 59-69, men dom starkare ligger runt 89. Tyvärr hade dom ingen Stone Ruination men såg att dom tog 69 för den vilket kan jämföras med 120 på OT.

    Fajanen: Det tycker jag definitivt.

    Det gick att ta bussen dit men jag har helt glömt bort vilken det var. Vi promenerade från Slussen (uppgång Götgatan).

  3. Mycket bra ställe med trevlig personal.
    Kul att de hade bra mat också, värt ett restaurangbesök också alltså.

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