Belgofest 2011

23 jan

I spent yesterday in Uppsala at Belgofesten, it’s a homebrew festival focused on belgian style beers. Me and my beer wielding sidekick Per took the train up to Uppsala from Stockholm and we met up with some other beer geeks at the train station: Fajanen from Fajanen och Jöns and Johan from 5,0 TV. My father picked us up in the brew mobile (Bryggarbilen) so we got a smooth ride to the festival.

It was quite calm when we got there and I was a bit disappointed to only see 29 beers. I heard that they got a couple of late cancellations. But even though the numbers where lower the previous years, there was no lack in quality. The quality was high and even, I made some quick ratings from small samples and they all ended up between 3 and 4 out of 5. It was actually quite hard to pick out the three to vote for since I had 7-8 candidates. It would be very interesting to see the final results from the peoples choice.

At the festival I ran into a couple more bloggers, Jonas from, Johan from Portersteken, Maarten from Saccharolicious, Johan from Gjölen and Jonas from Öl i Stockholm. I might have forgotten someone here, if I did feel free to contact me and I will add you in. Either way it was nice to see so many beer bloggers present at the festival.

When we got to the festival just a few minutes past opening the place was pretty empty, but just  an hour or so later the room was packed with eager beer lovers. It was actually hard to get some time to talk to some brewers. But then again the low amount of beer made it easy to try it all and I could usually squeeze in a couple of words here and there.

Even though there where only 29 beers present there was a wide range of beer styles: Belgian wit, Saison, Super Saision, Tripel, Pale Strong Belgian Ale, Brune, Double, Dark Strong Belgian Ale, Imperial Oud Bruin and Fruit Beer. The most common beer style was Dark Strong Belgian Ale.

Here is a bunch of pictures from the festival:

Lennart Köhler had a football team going on.

Chrille, Per and my father have just started trying beer.

Spillevink has been very successful over the years and I have to agree it’s a very nice beer.

Öl i Stockholm, Beer Drivel and Portersteken having a beer together.

The brewers where positioned on an island in the middle of the room.

Maarten is discussing his own brews.

This was one of my favorites, it’s called the enchanted beast in English. Nice sticker as well.

Above to the left is the brewers of the beast.

Gjölen is happy about something… I bet it’s all the awsome beer.

As you can see the place was starting to get packed after a while.

Erkki, Anders and my father (Åke) participated with two brews. Lenas Second Disaster (Dark Strong Belgian Ale) and 3 Little Devil Brewers (Trippel). They didn’t win anything but I have to say the Trippel was very nice, allot better since last time I tried it.

Chrille made the stickers and they looked great, specially the trippel on the right. I with they would have had a sticker competition.

Above is the winners of the peoples choice awards.

1) Nr 26 – Trequartista 10 – Lennart Köhler

2) Nr 15 – Robin Blond – Mats Hellman and Bo Eriksson

3) Nr 21 – La Bête enchantée – Henrik Ihre

All great beers. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of the winners in the judges competition.

5 thoughts on “Belgofest 2011

  1. That was a great day (and night), thanks again for your reminding post about it.

    I’m drinking the porter I got from you as I write. It’s great stuff! If you’d like to, I’ll post a write-up on my blog about your beers when I’ve tried the other two as well. Are you intending to compete with them at the Swedish homebrewing championships?

  2. Extremely nice day. Thanks for the good company.

    Nice write-up. No need for me to post about it. You said it all.

  3. Johan: Yeah ofc, go ahead and write about them if you want. I think there are recipes and pictures from the brewing here on the site. We won’t compete with those beers, however Children of the hops is the extreme version of Death By Hops. We will compete with Death By Hops and Spanked Virgin Wheat. I’ll put a couple of them on bottle if you want to try them out.

    Fajanen: Right back at you. I would still be interested to hear what you had to say about the festival though. Got any nice pics?

  4. I will post something about them later on then. You don’t need to go out of your way for me, but if it’s not too much trouble I would love to try them too.

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